Here are some mp3's that I've put together based on a tape that Kathy Sherak recorded back in 1976.

Please note that the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired, since the recording conditions were somewhat less than optimal (they were recorded on an inexpensive battery powered cassette recorder sitting on a table). Still, we're lucky to have these recordings, since there is so little available.

There are 35 tracks, and I have names for most of them.

It took a lot of work to make these sound even remotely acceptable. There was a lot of low frequency noise, and I managed to filter most of that out. I tried to get the pitch right, but it's still a couple of cents off.

Right click (or control-click on mac) and choose "save target as" to download.

Please send me an email if you know the names of any of the unnamed tracks

  01 - Spanish Eyes .mp3
  02 - Pescatore 'e Pusilleco.mp3
  03 - Lazzarella.mp3
  04 - Danza Spagnola.mp3
  05 - Miami Beach Rhumba.mp3
  06 - Hungarian Travels.mp3
  07 - Never on Sunday.mp3
  08 - Dengoza.mp3
  09 - Innamorata.mp3
  10 - Quando Ero Piccolino.mp3
  11 - Viaggio a Messsina.mp3
  12 - Historia de un Amor.mp3
  13 - fast spanish waltz Am.mp3
  14 - Dolce Aprile.mp3
  15 - mazurka in D and G.mp3
  16 - Marechiare.mp3
  17 - march Am and A.mp3
  18 - Un Bacio en Fretta.mp3
  19 - Mi Buenos Ayres Querida.mp3
  20 - Alma Andaluzza.mp3
  21 - spanish march Dm d.mp3
  22 - Alma Ilanera.mp3
  24 - woodpecker tic tic Ho detto al sole.mp3
  25 - Araby March.mp3
  26 - Mazurka per Caterina.mp3
  27 - Mezzanotte.mp3
  28 - Ole Las Mujeres.mp3
  29 - mazurka in re minore.mp3
  30 - Speranza Perduta.mp3
  31 - Sunshine Polka.mp3
  32 - Vurria.mp3
  33 - Tenebre Infinita.mp3
  34 - Notti Fiorentine.mp3
  35 - fast march in A ending.mp3

P.S. The quality varies from tune to tune, and I'll probably put the best sounding on one cd, and the others on a second cd. I think the volume control was a little too high when they were recorded, so I mixed the two channels a little to soften the clipping, and I had to do some noise reduction to compensate for some low frequency rumble. Some of them sound pretty good! Matteo's really smoking on a few of these.

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