Welcome to the list of Matteo mp3's that you can download.

What's New

I have a new transcription of Silent Fountain from the original vinyl, and I have encoded them as mp3's in the following zip archive:

  Click here to download 'Silent Fountain' 

In 1998, I made a CD out of the Silent Fountain tape for Matteo to sell at the Caffe when we played there.  He gave me an additional cassette tape of some tracks that hadn't made it onto the original record.  These have a slightly lower quality, and I've encoded them here and zip'ed them:

Click here to download the 10 bonus tracks.

Also, there are 34 very scratchy tracks from an old live cassette archive. You can check them out if you click on "1976 Caffe Tracks" below (or just click here). The acoustic quality of the Silent Fountain tracks is pretty good; the Caffe tracks are not so good, so start with Silent Fountain and if you become an enthusiast download the caffe tracks as well.

Brief History

A brief history of my association with Matteo is available here.

Silent Fountain MP3's and Charts

Here are the 13 individual tracks from the "Silent Fountain" LP by Matteo Casserino and Gino diMichelle (with some very tasty mandocello work by Tom Mariano), which are zip'ed above. I've also added about ten additional tracks from a cassette that Matteo gave me. These are recorded at 128 kbps, and you are better off downloading the .zip archives above.

These are mainly here for those who want to sample individual tracks, or who cannot access zip files.

Right click (or control-click on mac) and choose "save target as" to download. Just click a track to play it.

(To control-click on the mac, hold down the 'ctrl' key, then click on the song; a little menu will pop up. Choose 'save as' on the little menu.)

  Autunno Senza Te (no chart)
  Baciami Forte
  Canzone dell Amore (no chart)
  Che Ridere
  Dolce Aprile (no chart)
  Fontanna Muta (no chart)(Silent Fountain)
  Guapparia (no chart)
  La Napoletana
  La Romanina
  Mazurka Per Catarina
  Mezza Notte
  Napoli China Femmine
  Napoli Tutta Luce
  O Detto al Sole
  Parliami D'Amore Marilu
  Pioggia di rosa (no chart)
  Quando Caliente al Sol (no chart)
  Quando Tromonda o Sole
  Se Tu Sapessi Quando Ti Volglio Bene
  Signora Fortuna
  Tenebre Infinita (no chart)

Right click (or control-click on mac) and choose "save target as" to download charts:

Charts for 13 of the Songs (.tif format).

Che Ridere Chart

 Note that mac computers have problems with multi-page .tif files (sorry).

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1976 Caffe Tracks
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